GForce comes with a powerful roster system. This Feature is very useful for managing volunteer activities and tasks for upcoming volunteer services and other events.
This interface is only available when a user is logged into a department.
The menu options for the roster feature appear as below:

How it works

The roster is made up of Events.Each event can have multiple shifts. Each shift can have multiple members assigned to it. And, for each shift a member is assigned to, you can specify the tasks/responsibilities the users is expected to carry out.

Viewing the Roster

Clicking on the 'View Roster' menu option displays all the upcoming events.

By default, only events that are in the future are displayed. If you wish to view past events, you can use the 'From' and 'To' date selectors to select events based on a date range.
For each Event, Clicking on the 'Info' tab displays the basic information about the event. Clicking on the 'Shifts' button however displays all the shifts for that event including the members assigned and their tasks.

Opting out

A member can choose to opt out of a particular shift. If the currently logged in user has been added to a shift of an event, the red 'Opt Out' button will appear
Clicking the button will produce a pop up that prompts the user to provide a reason for opting out.

Managing Events

Only department administrators can create or manage events and associated shifts. To create new events and manage existing ones, click on the 'Manage Events' menu option.

This pages lists all events in descending date order. Hence the most furthest event is displayed first. The list shows the name of the event, How many shifts have been created for it, to total number of members (across all shifts) that have been added to the event and the total number of opt-outs for all the shifts in the event. If opt-outs exists for an event, you will see a 'View' link under the opt-outs column. Clicking this link brings up a pop-up that displays all the members that opted out and the reasons they gave.
To create a new event, click on the 'Add New' button. You can specify the event name, Select a date, a venue and description. After you save the event, you will be directed to the page to create the first shift for the event.After that shift is created, you can add as many more as needed.

Assigning Tasks

When you create a shift, you can select members that will be added to the shift. However, to specify the tasks for each member in that shift, you need to go to the shift list page (for that event) and click on the green 'Manage Tasks' button

On this page, you can type in the tasks for each member in the Text box for each member and then click on 'Save'

Viewing your Shifts

The 'My Shifts' menu option allows a user to view all their upcoming shifts.
Users can Opt out on this page or view the event info

Shift Reminders

The system automatically sends out email reminders to members who have shifts coming up withing the next 3 days. For this feature to work however, a cron job must be configures. Please see the Setting Up Notifications section on how to set that up.

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