Managing Certificates

TrainEasy comes with a powerful certificate generation feature that enables you totally eliminate the need for creating paper certificates for each Student at the conclusion of your training programs. This feature can also be used to generate other documents such as admission letters.
The Certificate feature enables you to design documents with a drag and drop interface. You simply upload a blank copy of your existing or new certificates and then specify where the various text should go (e.g Student Name, Session Name, Completion Date etc.)
Each certificate must be associated with a session. Also, certain conditions can be assigned to a certificate which the student must fulfill in order to be granted access to the document.
The following conditions are available:

  • Classes: You can specify which classes the Student must have attended before they can download the certificate.
  • Tests: You can specify which tests a student must have completed successful before they can download the certificate

To create a new certificate follow these steps

  • Login to the backend and click on the 'Certificates'->'Create Certificate' option
  • Fill in the available options. Please note that the 'Certificate Image' should be a blank copy of your certificate (preferably in A4 size). Here is a sample:
  • Once you click the 'Save' button, you will be redirected to the certificate edit page. On this page, you can drag and drop the various 'placeholders' that are available. These placeholders let you specify where text like the student's name, session/course name etc will be placed on the downloaded certificate.
  • You can specify the mandatory classes and tests by clicking the relevant tabs.
  • Do note that, on the 'Mandatory Classes' tab, there is an option a the bottom called 'Search all sessions for attendance' if you select this option, the system will search all existing sessions/courses for attendance of the classes you select in this tab. This is useful if a student attends some classes in one session/course but attends the remaining in another session/course.

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