GForce comes with a robust internal messaging system. With GForce, users can send messages to one another. Messages are delivered via email and a local inbox.

Clicking on the 'Compose Message' option opens the message compose page

There are three options that can be used to select recipients for a message. The 'Members' option Allows you to type in a name or email address of an existing member.
You can add multiple specific membes this way. The 'Departments' tab allows you to Send messages to entire departments. Finally, the 'All Members' option enables sending of messages to all users of the system. br Attachments can also be added to messages. If an attachment is added, it will be sent in the email recieved by the recipient. It will also be availble for downloading in the local inbox of the Application.
The Inbox and Sent Messages options allow for viewing recieved and sent messages.

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