Upgrade Guide

Automatic Upgrade

Upgrading CarePro is straightforward. First create a full backup of your installation. Also, if you have created any custom templates or gateways, ensure you copy these to a safe location outside the application and restore them once the upgrade is completed.

Follow these steps to upgrade your installation:

  • Extract the contents of the CarePro zip archive downloaded from CodeCanyon
  • You will see a file called app.zip. Upload this file to the update directory in the root directory of the application. (If you do not see this directory, create it and make it writable)
  • Login to your admin backend and go to 'Settings'-'Upgrade'
  • Click on the 'Update' button and you are done!

Manual Upgrade

If you are unable to use the automatic upgrade feature or if it is unavailable in your version, you will need to do a manual upgrade. First you need to backup the entire system. Next, copy the public/uploads folder to a separate location. Also copy the .env file (in the root directory) to a safe location. Also, if you have created any custom templates, make sure you copy these away to a safe location as well.
Now replace the application's files with the new files you downloaded. Once you have done this, place back your .env file back to the root directory. Also copy your public/uploads directory back.
Finally, open your terminal and run the following command:
php artisan migrate

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