Creating Tests

CarePro comes with a powerful computer based testing feature. This feature was designed to make it easy for you to screen your candidates by having them take secure online examinations. Please note that only candidates can take tests and not employers.

To create a test, click on the 'Tests'-'Create Test' link

The test creation page will open as below:

The fields on this page are explained below:

  1. Name: This is the name of the Test that will be visible to the candidate.
  2. Description/Instructions: This field enables you to detail what this test is about. You could add information like who the test is targeted at, the importance of the test, resources needed before attempting the test e.t.c. This information will be displayed to the candidate before they start the test.
  3. Status: This controls if candidates can take the test or not. If disabled, the test will not appear on the frontend and candidates will not be able to take it.
  4. Minutes Allowed: Specify how many minutes are allowed for the test. Leave blank if you do not want to restrict timing for the test.
  5. Passmark (%): Set the minimum score a candidate must have in order to pass this test. This score must be in percentage format as all tests are graded this way.
  6. Allow Multiple Attempts: Use this to indicate whether or not you want candidates to only be able to take this test multiple time. If set to 'No' then a candidate will only be able to have one attempt for the test. If you wish for a specific candidate to be able to retake a test, you will need to delete their test attempt (covered later).
  7. Show result after test: This determines if candidates can view test results and their grade after they have completed their test. If set to 'Yes' then candidates will be informed if they scored above the passmark or not. This however will not show candidates what questions they failed or passed.

Click on the 'Create' Button to add your new test. Once your test is added, your will be redirected back to the Test list page

Next, you need to add questions to your test. Test are multiple choice in nature. Click on the 'Actions' option and the following options are revealed

Click on the 'Manage Questions' option. This leads to the Test Question page for this test

Click on the 'Add New' button to add a question. The following page opens

Type in the question into the 'Question' text editor.

The 'Sort Order' field determines the position of this question relative to others.

The 'Options' section is where you get to write the available options for this question that the candidates can choose from. By default, 5 boxes are provided which allow you to add a maximum of 5 options. Please not that you do not have to fill all 5 options. Options that don't contain any text will be ignored.

The 'Correct Answer' column allows you to specify what option out of the ones you supply is correct. It is mandatory you specify what option is correct before submitting the form.

Click on the 'Create' button to save your question.

Once saved, you can modify your question and even add more than 5 options by editing it

Clicking on the 'Edit' option of the 'Actions' button will option the question editing page as below:

You can delete and option or edit it. Click on the 'Add Options' button to add more options. A popup dialog will appear that you can supply your options to

Managing Tests & Attempts

In order to manage your existing tests, click on the 'All Tests' link

This opens the test list page

The columns on the list show the status of the test, how many questions a test has and how many attempts have been made to take the test.

To view all test attempts, click on the 'Actions' button. This brings up the following options

Clicking on the 'Manage Questions' option shows all questions for this test. The View, Edit and Delete options enable you to view the test information, edit the test details and settings and delete the test. Please note that deleting a test also deletes all attempts made on the test by candidates.

To view test attempts, click on the 'View Attempts' link. This brings up the page showing all the attempts made

Please note that, if you allow candidates to make multiple attempts, then you may see different entries for the same student.

Clicking the 'Filter' button at the top of the list reveals important options for filtering test results

You can search for a candidate, select a specify candidate, filter buy minimum and maximum dates, filter by minimum and maximum scores and you can also sort the list by highest or lowest scrore.

The 'Actions' button for each test attempt reveals the following options

Click on the 'View Results' option to view all the questions answered and options selected by the student.

Clicking on the 'Delete' option removes only that attempt entry. This does not remove the student's account or any other record. You might want to delete an attempt if the test does not allow multiple attempts but you would like the student take the test again.

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