Creating Homework

TrainEasy allows you to easily create homework for your students. Each Homework is assigned to a session or course. Students can easily respond to homework from their account area by submitting text or file upload.

To add a new homework, go to 'Homework'-'Add Homework'

This opens the add homework page:

The following fields are provided on this page:

  1. Title: The short name of the homework.
  2. Session/Course: The associated Session/Course. Only students enrolled into this session/course will be able to view the homework.
  3. Due Date: The due date for the homework. Students may not be able to submit the homework after this date, depending on the 'Allow late submission' setting you set below.
  4. Homework Instructions: The instructions students must follow while answering the homework.
  5. Passmark: The minimum pass-mark required for the student to pass the homework.
  6. Receive submission notifications: This determines if the instructor/admin who created the homework should receive a notification every time a homework is submitted.
  7. Allow Late Submissions: This determines if students can still submit this homework after the due date.
  8. Notify Session/Course Students: Determines if student enrolled into the selected session/course should be notified immediately the homework is create.

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