Running on IOS

NOTE: Apple has restriction, thats why you will need a MacOS to run IOS Apps on your Iphone. You can't do this on windows.

If you have MacOS and XCode is setup on your MacOS then you can run the ionic app template on your ios. You need to run this command from your "source_code" directory.

ionic cordova build ios

This will create ios build. If build is created successfully, then you can run this command to run on your iphone.

ionic cordova run ios

NOTE: Some times your build may get failed. It could be due to different reasons, either you have code signing issues, or you may have not choosed the `Team` in xcode.

If you get errors, then you can manually open project by going to "source_code/platforms/ios" and run the project in Xcode. and Xcode will show you what error you are getting. You can also run in on simulator.

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