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We provide installation services for your PHP scripts. We charge a $35 fee for this service. Please fill out our support form after payment. Please use the same email used for payment while filling out the support form.

Please use this link to make a payment:

If you are unable to make payment using this link, please make a Western Union transfer using the following details:

Western Union:
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Account Name: Intermatics Software Services
Account Number: 0052270304
Receiver Name: Intermatics Software Services
Country: Nigeria
Amount: $35

Kindly note that you need to have purchased the script from Code Canyon before you request this service. Please note also that an active support subscription is required so if you do not have one, kindly renew your support subscription before paying the installation fee.

We also require that you download the application from Code Canyon and upload it to a location we can access e.g. Google Drive.

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