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Feature-rich Training & Learning Management System

Do you organize training programs online or at physical locations? If yes, then TrainEasy is the perfect software for running and managing your entire training program!
  • Student Frontend & Admin Backend
  • Online Training
  • Manage & Schedule offline training
  • Session & Course Management
  • Class Management
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multi-currency support
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Management
  • Online Tests/Assessments
  • Student Surveys
  • Video management & Hosting
  • Blogging & Content Management
  • And Lots More!


Create & Sell Courses

TrainEasy enables you create online courses for distance learning, training sessions for on premise instructor led training or a combination of both! We provide extensive configuration options for your courses or sessions.

Multi Currency Cart

TrainEasy features a powerful shopping cart that enables you receive orders for your courses in multiple currencies! You can add multiple payment methods and assign currencies to each. All currencies are supported.

Mobile App Supported

TrainEasy supports an optional mobile app addon that you can deploy to Android and iOS app stores! This is available as a separate purchase.

Video/Audio Support

TrainEasy allows you to securely upload your video and audio files and embed them into your courses. Media files are stored on your server securely and can only be accessible to enrolled students.


TrainEasy comes with a powerful certificate generation feature that enables you totally eliminate the need for creating paper certificates for each Student at the conclusion of your training programs. This feature can also be used to generate other documents such as admission letters.

Homework & Revision Notes

TrainEasy comes with a powerful Homework feature that enables you to create homework for your students. Students can submit homework via text response or file upload. Admins can review and grade homework from an easy to use interface

TrainEasy FAQ

TrainEasy was developed for training companies and training departments withing organizations. It caters for both online training and in-person training. It is both a learning management system and a training management system.

No. There are no recurring fees once you buy the self hosted TrainEasy version. You get to install TrainEasy on your own server and you can use it indefinitely. If you do not wish to handle hosting yourself, you can signup for our TrainEasy Cloud service.

You can enrol an unlimited number of students

Yes! TrainEasy supports locally hosted video and auido files. Our system also protects your media resources from unauthorized access and playback.

You need a server that supports PHP 7.2 or 7.3 as well as MySQL/MariaDB

TrainEasy is sold exclusively on the Envato Marketplace. Hence, it uses the envato standard license. Please view full details here:

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