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Welcome to CarePro, the ultimate software solution for recruitment and staffing agencies. With a wide range of powerful features, CarePro is designed to streamline your agency's operations and boost your productivity. Our comprehensive Order Management module allows you to easily track and manage all client orders, ensuring efficient and timely service delivery. The Employers & Candidates management feature enables you to efficiently manage and track all your clients and candidates, providing you with a comprehensive view of your talent pool. The Placements management feature allows you to effectively track and manage all candidate placements, ensuring optimal client satisfaction. Invoicing is made easy with our integrated invoicing module, enabling you to seamlessly generate and send invoices to your clients. The Job vacancy board feature allows you to create and manage job listings, helping you attract top talent for your clients' staffing needs. With CarePro's learning management system, you can easily create and deliver training courses to your candidates, complete with a shopping cart and online payment support for a seamless learning experience. Our website builder offers multiple themes and customization options, allowing you to create a professional online presence for your agency. The contract management feature streamlines the process of creating and signing contracts with online signing support, saving you time and effort. Finally, CarePro's candidate testing feature offers computer-based tests to assess the skills and knowledge of your candidates, ensuring you select the best talent for your clients' needs. Experience the power of CarePro and revolutionize your staffing agency today!

Recruit, train & shortlist the best candidates

CarePro is your all-in-one staffing agency software solution that redefines candidate management. With CarePro, you'll harness the power of a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) to foster continuous candidate growth, customizable profiles that leave a lasting impression, streamlined vacancy applications, rigorous candidate testing, effortless contract management, and a comprehensive repository for candidate employment records. Revolutionize your agency's efficiency, precision, and growth as you seamlessly connect exceptional candidates with the perfect opportunities. Say goodbye to administrative burdens and hello to a new era of staffing excellence – experience CarePro today!

  • Candidate profiles
  • Learning management system
  • Candidate invoicing and online payments
  • Online computer based testing

Grow and manage your candidate pool the easy way!

Effective employer management

CarePro is the ultimate solution that empowers your agency to seamlessly manage employers. With customizable order forms tailored to your unique needs, streamlined invoicing and secure online payments, placement management, comprehensive employment history tracking, intuitive contracts management, and efficient lead tracking, CarePro is your partner in optimizing staffing processes. Experience the future of staffing with CarePro today.

  • Employer profiles
  • Contract management
  • Placements
  • Order forms with online payments
  • Lead management
  • Newsletters

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