CarePro update: Contract management

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07 Sep 2021

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new feature on CarePro: Contract Management.This feature helps you streamline the process of managing contracts between employers and candidates. Please note the following regarding this:

  1. Each contract is unique and is created specifically for the signing parties. A contract is only visible to admins and signatories assigned to it.
  2. A contract requires a minimum of one signatory and can include an unlimited number of signatories.
  3. Signatories can sign contracts online using the web based signature capture feature.
  4. Signatories are not allowed to modify contracts.
  5. Signatories can download PDF versions of their contracts only after signing.
  6. Other signatories are notified via email whenever another signatory signs the contract.

This release is available on both the SaaS and standard versions of CarePro. To learn more, click here


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