About Gforce

GForce is designed to help you grow and manage your volunteer workforce. It is a powerful application that enables volunteer members join departments/units and easily manage their activities, resources, communications and schedules within each department they belong to.

Features Include

  • Administrator, Department Admin and Member roles
  • Department management
  • Volunteer registration application management
  • Event roster and task scheduling
  • Resource sharing
  • Internal messaging system
  • Centralized SMS messaging
  • Announcement board
  • Volunteer forum
  • 18 languages supported
  • Built with Laravel 5.8


Try out the live demo of the application here: http://gforce.intermaticsng.com

The Demo homepage has the login details for Administrator, Department Admin and Member roles.

Changle log:

 Version 1.1 – Sept 23, 2019
    - Fixed some XSS vulnerabilities
 Version 1.0 – August 20, 2019
    - Initial Release